When in Doubt, Buy the Shoes


Friday was one of those days where I just felt flat out awful. Despite being on an antibiotic for the last few days, I had totally been absolutely beaten down by this dreadful cold/bronchitis/flu bug that has been going around like crazy town!

That being said, I actually had the day to myself, with NO kids, and while I wasn’t feeling the best, I had a ton of miscellaneous returns to take care of. After hitting up Old Navy, Justice, and Eddie Bauer, I decided to pop into Kohl’s. After all, I had a $10 reward, a $24.83 merchandise credit, AND I had been eyeing a pair of white slip-on Converse tennis shoes.

Guys, never in a million years would I have seen myself wearing a pair of Converse tennis shoes, but I have to tell you—these are the best, most comfortable shoes EVER! They were on sale for $49.99, so I had to stop in and score a pair. Aren’t they super pretty?


Picture me inside Kohl’s, hacking and sneezing all over the place (just what you want to hear going down if you are a customer in the same store, within breathing distance of me, right?). I get to the shoes and they didn’t have my size. Boooooo. I decided to check out a different Kohl’s location to see if they had any.

I walked into the next Kohl’s and there they were—the beautiful, snow white pair of magic that I had been searching for. I put them on my feet and . . . my feet looked like skis! I wear anywhere from a size 9 to a 10, so I’m pretty much used to feeling like I have Big Bird feet when I try shoes on. There were all sorts of other colors and designs to choose from so I tried on the black pair and I immediately fell in love. They were in the wrong size box and had some very minor scuffing on the toe area (I’m going to assume someone returned them) so I managed to score an additional 20% off just by walking up to Customer Service and asking for it.

This is my sick self in my beautiful new Converse tennis shoes (no makeup, no filter, no judgment!):


These are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever and I can totally see myself wearing them a ton. Just a handy little tidbit: size down a .5 size if you don’t see yourself wearing socks with them. And get the white pair if you are responsible enough to not get them filthy dirty (I don’t fall into that responsible category). Or get multiple colors! I think you will love them that much!

Saturday night, Jackson had his second mini sprint race of the season and these babies made their grand appearance:


Now, I do NOT recommend going on a shoe hunt (or doing anything, for that matter) when you feel as bad as I did on Friday—but hey, when you need the shoes, you need the shoes.

P.S. Nordstrom currently has the white pair AND the black pair, in stock, in all sizes, and they do offer free shipping!

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker in White ($49.95):  http://bit.ly/2ooAOrS

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker in Black ($49.95):   http://bit.ly/2oYkNYG

I appreciate you!

XOXO, Jodi