Think Outside the Box


A few weeks ago, I scheduled myself a photo shoot for the blog and, of course, I convinced myself that I just HAD to have a new dress for it. I somehow made myself believe that if I was going to spend good money on a professional shoot, then I had better spend a little money on a great dress. Isn’t it funny how we can always find an excuse for a new dress? Initially, I envisioned something that fell a few inches above the knee, tight but not too tight, and a safe color—maybe black? I pranced right into Von Maur, excuses in tow (I know, I know, not one of the most pocketbook-friendly places, but I always score on dresses there), and found just what I was looking for!

I have a little piece of advice for you: Think outside the box, ladies. You should pick out the dresses that you’re drawn to, but I also want you to grab two dress styles that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried on. Look at this example. I would have NEVER seen this dress online (or in store) and thought, “Oh, that’s sooo cute. I am going to try that on.” Nope. First of all, the photo online looks absolutely dreadful. I mean, it’s hideous! Next, the design on the dress looks like something straight out of a Hawaiian party supply ad or something. The white fabric washes out the poor model and it just looks like a blob of a dress.


However, I played by the “Grab 2 You Wouldn’t Have Otherwise Tried On” rule, and guess what? I left the store with that dress in tow (side perk: It was under $100.00!) My point here, guys, is this: Don’t be afraid to try something new. Maybe a different color than you are comfortable wearing, or a shorter or longer length. You never know—you may discover something new about your style!

After I got home, I tried the dress on (as well as two others), and John told me that this looked like something a blogger would wear for a photo shoot. Hmm . . . that was just the look I was going for! Here’s a pic of me in the dress:


And here’s a picture showing some of that Hawaiian party advertisement detail (Ha!):


Seriously, I received so many compliments on this dress and I am sooo happy that I stepped outside of the box. I actually wore this dress to Easter and so many people asked me about it. If this $98.00 beauty is outside of your price range, check out this Be by Chetta B dress at JC Penney:


It is on sale right now for $39.99. PLUS, enter the code 12 DEALS at checkout to receive an additional 15% off. I do not have this particular dress right now, but the reviews say to size up. Here’s your link:

I think I’d pair this dress with a super fun pair of hot pink heels. Don’t be afraid to bling it up, ladies! And if you want to snag the dress I rocked for my photo shoot, here’s the deets:

I appreciate you!

XOXO, Jodi