Power Breakfast


Here is a little tidbit that you may or may not know about me: I LOVE eggs. Like, L-O-V-E , sitting in a tree with the eggs, kind of love.

No, seriously, when I worked at the law firm, I would have eggs every single morning for breakfast (and sometimes lunch). My poor co-workers would get so annoyed with me because, let’s face it, eggs are super stinky. I won’t even give you the gruesome details on how I used to cook them . . . in a microwave . . . scrambled in a bowl from heaven knows where, which I am sure allowed toxic plastic chemicals to seep into my breakfast . . . but again, let’s not get into that.

Anyway. Now that I am home, and my schedule is less than structured, I have had such a difficult time making myself eat breakfast. It’s like I get breakfast made for one kid, get him off to school, then get breakfast made for the second kid, get her off to school, then make a completely different breakfast for the littlest girl, and before I know it, it’s noon! Last October, the girls and I went out to Colorado to visit family, and my sister-in-law, Ann, made me the most delicious egg concoction consisting of eggs, spinach, cherry tomato and feta cheese. After our trip, I came home and began serving it up for breakfast. It has been a while and I just realized I need to start making it again.


I like to coat my pan in coconut oil or ghee. All you’re going to do is heat some coconut oil or ghee in your pan, mix up your eggs (I don’t add milk – just salt and pepper). Scramble up those eggs and when they are super close to being finished, toss in a handful of spinach and cherry tomato (sliced in half). Serve on a plate and toss some feta cheese on top. Seriously, this is the easiest breakfast to make and not only is it delicious, it is packed full of healthy fats, loads of protein, iron, and all sorts of other things that will make your body (and your taste buds) dance a happy dance! Now, I know not everyone loves spinach but my suggestion would be to start out with just a few spinach leaves and as you get used to it, increase the amount of spinach you add. I’d love to be able to sit here and tell you that my kids love this breakfast, but they don’t. I can barely get them to eat eggs, let alone spinach, tomato, and feta.

I appreciate you!

XOXO, Jodi