Motivational Mug Mondays!


Oh hi there, friends! It’s Monday. Again. And while I’m not over here dragging myself out of bed to slay an 8-plus-hour workday in an office somewhere, I totally get that so many of you are, and I tip my hat to you! It wasn’t that long ago when I was busting my tail to get everyone fed and off to school before getting my own self to the office with an hour-long commute. I used to absolutely dread Mondays because it meant I had to dig deep both physically and mentally to find some positivity and motivation to get myself going on Monday mornings.


Now that I’m home and my days are filled with babies, kids, pets, meal planning, and household chores, I often find myself lacking motivation. This is me at 2:00 in the afternoon, un-showered, no makeup, and not yet even at the point where I am really even looking at my to-do list for the day:


Now, don’t get me wrong. I haven’t been sitting here all day doing nothing. I’ve fed the baby, I’ve taken the baby and the dog for a walk, scheduled doctor appointments, made myself breakfast, spent a good hour trying to get the baby down for a nap (I welcome any tips on how to successfully sleep train, by the way), and I’ve paid bills. But on Mondays, the struggle is real.

I am a HUGE believer in positive energy and setting yourself up with the best possible scenario and outcome from the get-go. For example, nothing makes me happier than sitting down to a cup of coffee at my computer in the mornings. It just brings me to my happy place. Recently, I was browsing the aisles at Target (okay, so it was yesterday, but doesn’t every girl on this planet love browsing the aisles at Target??), and I ran across this mug that I just HAD to buy:


This coffee IS making me awesome. Okay, okay, so the coffee wasn’t making me awesome, but you know what it did do? It reminded me that I am already awesome! Even if I don’t feel like it right this second, or on Monday mornings when I wake up. I am already awesome. You are already awesome.

I love positive memes, I love positive messages, and I love positive, uplifting women. I mean, seriously, I totally look forward to sitting down with my cup of coffee and, every time I lift that cup of deliciousness to my lips, seeing a few motivational words!

So, from this point forward, for the duration of Perfect Me Not, I am going to sit down to a new Motivational Mug Monday every single Monday. I am going to share my motivational mug with you. It is my hope that you’ll comment and share your motivational mug with me as well! Whether these mugs motivate us to laugh, to smile, or to get off our couch and exercise, whatever it may be, I can’t wait to share my mugs with you!

On that note, I’ll see you and your sweet little mugs next Monday!

6 Comments on “Motivational Mug Mondays!”

  1. “Every burden bears a gift, every challenge brings a treasure, and every setback hides a blessing.”

    That’d have to be an awfully big mug to fit that motivational bit, but then, I loves me a big mug of coffee in the morning, as you well know!

  2. I have a 20 month old who is still not sleep trained! We should meet up and roam the aisles of Target. Lol!
    Here’s a coffee quote of mine: “I get my daily intake of water in the form of coffee” 😉

    1. Eva, you’re supposed to tell me that I’ve just been doing it allll wrong and you have the perfect solution for me! 😉 P.S. – your local Target or mine?! 🙂

    1. Jeannie, there really is! No matter what day of the week it is, I LOVE that cup of coffee! 🙂

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