Motivational Mug Monday – Last Day of School Traditions


Happy Monday, Friends! If you’re reading this, I’m so incredibly appreciative of you. No, seriously, you rock. It is a lot of work, this blogging thing is, and the thought of someone actually reading it makes my heart soar! Our weekend was super busy, as I’m sure yours was as well, and hopefully your Monday is off to a great start. These Motivational Mug Monday posts are so fun for me because it means I get to go out and find cute mugs with cute sayings. John is already over me bringing home a bazillion random coffee cups though, lol! We are going to quickly run out of space for them. Today’s Mug:


Truthfully, this is only the third Motivational Mug Monday post, and I struggled with what to write about because I just haven’t felt well at all the last couple of days. I initially thought it was allergy related but now I’m not so sure. Headache, low grade fever, no voice, sore throat, sneezing…. good times! Poor Caroline has woken up with a goopy eye the last couple of days too so I’m sure we have something similar. That being said, I am so thankful to wake up on this beautiful Monday morning and as an added bonus, I get to share my day with that sweet little pocket of sunshine!

I have so many things on my mind with summer break quickly approaching. For me, the end of the school year is always busier than the start of the year. There are awards programs, parties, summer athletic practices beginning, etc. I’m going to be running my own taxi service, personally serving Jackson this summer, between football and basketball workouts (it’s crazy, y’all). That being said, I’m super excited for summer break to be here. The older Jackson & Bella get, the more I appreciate these years with them.


We have so many fun last day of school traditions that we look forward to every year. I wish I had thought to do this post last week because I didn’t realize so many schools were so close to being done for the summer. Jackson and Bella’s last day of school is June 1st but I know at least one another school that gets out on May 24th!

These last day of school traditions started for us back in May of 2011. I think that would have been Jackson’s last day of 2nd grade. I bought streamers and balloons and hung them from the kids’ bedroom door (at the time, I was living in an apartment and they shared a bedroom) and made them silly, crazy, horribly unhealthy pancakes for breakfast. Usually they request gummy worms, chocolate syrup and sprinkes, but those requests change from year to year. Oh, and whipped cream. Each year since, they expect to see those streamers, balloons and signs on their bedroom doors and to smell those pancakes when they come down the stairs for breakfast.


This picture is from Jackson’s last day of 6th grade. Moms of boys, the changes between sixth grade and seventh grade are so huge (or at least for us they were). It’s like he went from being a little boy to a young man! 


I mean, who doesn’t love whipped cream on their pancakes?? 

I have tons of pictures (somewhere in the digital photo storage universe) of the bedroom streamers and balloons and signs, but I’ll just post from this year’s last day festivities once they happen! They will be finishing up 5th and 8th grade this year. In just a couple of months, I will be mom to a high schooler, middle schooler and a ONE year old.  Ha! As a mom, I look forward to summer vacation! Do you have any last day of school traditions?

I appreciate you!

XOXO, Jodi