Half the Battle Is Putting Those Shoes On

I’ve really been trying lately to include some sort of exercise into my daily routine. While I love feeling healthy and fit, it just hasn’t been on the top of my list of priorities lately. Truthfully, I just haven’t been feeling my best, so naturally, going out and busting out a couple of miles on the pavement hasn’t sounded all that great. Really, I just want to be able to eat whatever I want and not exercise, and still have a smoking hot body (at age 35 and three kids later). Truth!

It’s funny because it wasn’t that long ago that I showed up to the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon and ran 13.1 miles and barely broke a sweat. Granted, that was seven years and one less kid ago, but seriously, I need to get my act together. Lately, in an attempt to try to get back into the fitness game, I’ve reintroduced walking to my daily to-dos. Those closest to me know how much I dread walking as a form of “exercise.” Now listen, if you are a walker, I commend you. That’s awesome. It is a great way to exercise and is so good for you on so many levels. That being said, when I exercise, I want to sweat. I want to hate my life. I want to finish and feel like it was worth every single second because it was going to get me from Point A (lazy, tired, flabby) to Point B (toned, health, fit) much quicker.

Guys, half the battle in getting from Point A to Point B is just getting up and putting on your shoes! For me, putting on my shoes is like the “no turning back moment.” I may still be cussing as I am walking out the door, but it’s like, once I put my tennis shoes on, there’s no turning back.

PS: I love Old Navy’s Compression Crops and Yoga Pants. I have been making a conscious effort to take the dog (Tyson) and Caroline on a morning walk every day (30 minutes). This morning I did NOT want to go. I wanted to go down to our basement and get my booty on the treadmill and nearly kill myself so that I would feel one step closer to toned, healthy, and fit.

Sidenote: when you have a room in your home designated for exercise equipment, it is hard to make excuses for why you aren’t doing it. Just about the only time I go downstairs is to get something out of our storage room. Pathetic!


But I didn’t go downstairs and run my booty off. I took the littles on their walk like I promised I would try to do every day. Caroline LOVES her walks, as does Tyson.

Here’s the thing, guys. While I was out on our walk this morning (by the way, we are so blessed to live literally right next to a major paved walking trail that runs miles and miles in both directions), I realized how much I benefit mentally from that silly little walk. My mind wanders in so many different directions. I think about my future plans, subjects for my blog, how blessed I am, even what I am getting the kids for Christmas. It just gives me a chance to allow my mind to wander wherever the heck it wants to wander. I have my earbuds in, listening to my favorite tunes, and while I’m not exactly alone (the baby is calm in her stroller), it feels like I am for those thirty minutes. Nobody needs me, nobody is talking to me. I am just alone in those few moments.

I remember not too long ago an old childhood acquaintance of mine did a mile challenge each month. She was walking upwards of 100 miles a month. She is a mom of four, works full time, and still managed to find the time to accomplish this goal each month. With her kids in tow most days!

Maybe just like me, you’ve been having a difficult time staying on board with an exercise routine. How can you hold yourself accountable? Maybe find a walking partner or join an exercise group on Facebook. Whatever it takes, YOU are worth it, friends. You deserve to feel your best. While looking your best is great, don’t you want to FEEL your best? I know I do, and I’m setting out to feel my best.


What are your fitness goals and what’s your plan for holding yourself accountable?

I appreciate you!

XOXO, Jodi

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  1. Sometimes it’s an effort just to get off the couch or chair. I too need more exercise in my daily routine.

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