Girls Trip! Girls Trip!


For Fall Break last October, the girls and I took a “Girls Only” trip out to Colorado and then down to Florida (I am so crazy blessed to have had that opportunity!). It was one of the best vacations I have ever taken (seriously, a 10-day vacay with my girls, to two places that are equally beautiful, but so opposite of one another)!


We are lucky girls in that John has family out in Denver, so we ventured out west where they absolutely spoiled us rotten. One of the first things we did out in Colorado was go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Holy cow, guys! This place was so unbelievable! We were literally on the side of the mountain! Our zoo here in Indianapolis is top notch, but there was something incredibly exciting about this particular zoo.


The best part of the trip for Bella (and the worst part for me) was the day that we went zip lining at Castle Rock Zip Lining Tours. I am terribly afraid of heights. I don’t mean a little afraid. I mean, I am absolutely terrified of heights. There were around ten different zip lining stations and I think I made it through FOUR before one of the guides had to take me back down to base! My ten-year-old daughter, my sister-in-law, and other children and families continued on, but my weeny little self had to abort the mission! You know how people say you have to face your fears to overcome them? It’s a lie. I faced this one head on and totally felt like I lost hours of my life!


After spending a magnificent week out in Denver, we boarded our flight and headed down to Florida for some R&R and some fun in the sun. The weather was amazing, the boys weren’t there to dictate our food choices, I may or may not have washed my hair (Ha!), and we just did whatever we wanted. It was amazing.

We ate dinner at our favorite little place in Venice and sat in the same little booth we always do when we visit. 🙂 This picture is honest proof that I didn’t wash my hair (or wear makeup) while on our boy-free vacay!


We spent so much time at the beach and I was so thankful that I found this baby float/canopy because it was literally a lifesaver! Caroline fit in it perfectly and I can see her continuing to use it this summer. The best part is that you can take the canopy off (easy snap-on/snap-off) if you’re in an indoor pool.


One of the most magical moments that we had on our trip was the night we enjoyed a sunset dinner on the beach. No, we didn’t pay big bucks at some seaside diner. We went to the Dollar Tree and picked out glasses, dishes, candles, a plastic tablecloth, artificial flowers, and other essentials! We spent $10 before heading to pick up takeout. We got our entire dinner set up right before the sun set and had just enough time to take some of the most wonderful photos that I will cherish forever, right before we sat down to enjoy dinner. It didn’t cost much. We’ve even saved all of our supplies (minus the plastic tablecloth) so that we can do it again and again and again.


You don’t need a beach sunset to make a memory like that. You can have it in your backyard, on your living room floor, or in a park.


I appreciate you!

XOXO, Jodi

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  1. Love this recap of a wonderful time, Jodi😎!!! I especially like your idea about buying cheap dinner wear for a dinner on the beach, (or backyard!)

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