Backroads & Bonfires


Thank goodness it’s ALMOST Friday! I am so super excited about our weekend plans. I am taking the girls and two of Bella’s friends to my parents’ cabin this weekend for a “Girls Trip”. I say cabin, but it’s really just a ranch house about 1/2 mile from a big reservoir. It’s a pretty special place since my grandparents owned it for years and years before their passing. I remember as a little girl we would go there quite often. My mom was one of eight kids so everyone would gather there during the summertime for race weekend and cookouts on occasion. They always had a boat there and I can remember us going out on the boat to ski and tube. Oh, the memories! My grandma had a refrigerator in the garage that she kept stocked with those little koolaid type plastic jugs with the foil lids? I KNOW you know what those are!

I picked up this super cute hat today at Unraveled Boutique in Westfield and I plan on wearing it alllll weekend. Let’s be real, I probably won’t wash my hair once. There’s a shower and all that jazz (we are hardly camping, guys) but when it’s the girls, why even bother getting all gussied up? They’re currently all sold out of this one online, but there are a couple of other sayings (same style hat).. truthfully, I wanted the Beach Please hat just as bad as I wanted this one!


Anyway, Jackson has basketball camp at a university near the “cabin” so I figured it would be a great opportunity to take the girls down for a fun Girls Trip. I’ve spent the last hour making a grocery list of everything I think that we will need. I am going to head to the store here soon but I think I have just about everything covered. I’ve spent about twenty minutes googling the best way to start a campfire so I think we’re covered there. The girls are at the age now where even if Caroline and I are ready for bed, they can entertain themselves.

I figure that our weekend is going to consist of the beach, campfires, s’mores, loud country music, screaming and squealing, board games, ┬ámovies and scavenger hunts. I can’t wait to spend this weekend with my two favorite girls, as well as two of Bella’s best friends.

It’s been a few moons since I did any sort of camping or campfires… any ideas on how I could make this weekend trip EXTRA special for these three eleven year-old girls? Any fun campfire games, recipes, etc.? I am sure they will come up with their own silly games as well as an agenda that only eleven year-old girls can. ­čÖé

I hope everyone has a safe and FUN weekend! I am so incredibly appreciative of each and every single one of you and I am so grateful that you take the time to visit.

I appreciate you!

XOXO, Jodi